"Turkish Talk: Cool Turkish 🇹🇷 Expressions and What They Really Mean" ~ Turkish And More

"Turkish Talk: Cool Turkish 🇹🇷 Expressions and What They Really Mean"

Turkish Idioms, Turkish deyimler, Türk deyimleri

Get ready to dive into the awesome world of Turkish expressions, where words become more than just words—they're like little stories! We're talking about "deyimler" or cool sayings that Turkish folks use every day. Imagine phrases that aren't just about what's said, but also about the vibe and feelings behind them. In this blog, we're gonna break down these sayings, show you real examples in Turkish, and give you the lowdown in English. It's like your cheat sheet for understanding how Turks really talk. Whether you're into languages, planning a trip, or just curious about how people express themselves, this blog is your ticket to the colorful and fun side of Turkish talk. Let's get started on this language adventure together! 🚀

Note: Due to the large number of Turkish idioms, this list will be updated regularly!!

1. Abuk sabuk konuşma

It is used in the sense of saying irrelevant, inconsistent, and nonsensical words without thinking. An expression that means meaningless, irrelevant, nonsense talking. 

Example sentence:
Öğretmen saçma sapan konuştuğu için onu sınıftan uzaklaştırdı.
The teacher suspended him from class for talking nonsense.

Meaning of some words:
Öğretmen: teacher
konuştuğu için: for talking
sınıftan: from class

2. Acayip

unique, very different, surprising.

Example sentence:
sınav acayip zordu.
The exam was incredibly difficult.

bu kendini beğenmiş insanları bir acayip buluyorum.
I find these arrogant people strange.

Meaning of some words:
Sınav: exam
Zor: difficult

kendini beğenmiş: arrogance
buluyorum: i find

3. Acısını çıkarmak

Its meaning is according this sentence: 

senden bana yaptıklarının acısını çıkaracağım
I will make you pay for what you did to me

Meaning of some words:
senden bana yaptıklarının: what you did to me

4. Aç karnına

On an empty stomach

Example sentence:
Doktor tüm ilaçları aç karnına içmemi söyledi.
The doctor told me to take all the medicines on an empty stomach.

Meaning of some words:
Tüm: all
ilaçlar: medicine
içmemi: me not drinking
söyledi: he/she said

5. Açık konuşmak gerekirse / açıksası

To be frank / frankly

Example sentence:
Bu konuda açıkçası çok da fazla bilgim yok.
Frankly, I don't know much about this.

Meaning of some words:
Bu konuda: this subject / this issue
Fazla: more
Bilgi: information
Yok: there isn’t / none

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