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How is Ğ pronounced ?!

How is Ğ pronounced ?!


How is Ğ pronounced

Did you know that there isn't any word in the Turkish language that starts with Ğ (yumuşak g)  it either comes in the middle of the sentence or at the end of the sentence? In this lesson, I will explain the four ways to pronounce the Ğ.

1- Spelled as Y

When it comes between the two vowels e and i such as in:
  • eğer pronounced eyer
  • meğer pronounced meyer
  • değer pronounced deyer
  • değişim pronounced deyişim

2- Spelled as a long vowel

When it comes between two same vowels, ğ is spelled as those letters, as in:

  • ağaç pronounced as aaaç
  • uğur pronounced as uuur
  • düğüm pronounced as düüüm
  • yiğit pronounced as yiit

3- When Ğ is between a and ı

When Ğ comes between the two letters a and ı, ğ is spelled as a and ı isn't pronounced as in:

  • aşağı pronounced as aşaa
  • ağır pronounced as aar
  • sağır pronounced as saar
  • kağıt pronounced as kaat

4- When Ğ is between o and u

We stress on the two vowels, as in:

  • soğuk pronounced as souk
  • boğa pronounced as boa
  • çoğul pronounced as çoul
  • ağustos pronounced as austos

More examples of how the Ğ is pronounced in This Video.

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