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21 Most used Turkish Words

21 Most used Turkish Words


Turkish Phrases

If you are living in Turkey or just planning a trip to Turkey.  You'll need to learn some basic Turkish phrases to get started speaking and enhance your general knowledge The secret of learning any language is to start memorizing and using the most common Turkish phrases and expressions. So, let's start !!

Most used Turkish phrases

Günaydın Good morning
Tünaydın Good afternoon
Benim adım Ali My name is Ali
Tanıştığıma memnun oldum Nice to meet you
Nasılsın? How are you?
İyi, teşekkürler. Siz? Fine, thanks. And you?
Özür dilerim I am sorry
görüşmek üzere See you soon
Güle güle Goodbye
Kolay Gelsin may your work come easily
Merhaba Hello
İyi günler Good day
İyi Akşamlar Good evening
İyi Geceler Good night
Hoş geldin Welcome
Hoş bulduk Glad to be here
Tebrikler Congratulations!
Buyurun Here you are
Teşekkür ederim Thank you
Allah Allah good Lord
geçmiş olsun may it pass

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