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Learn Turkish from Home: Your First step to Understanding the Turkish Grammar!


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Why learn Turkish?

The demand for learning Turkish has increased significantly in the past few years. Being one of the most significant languages due to the number of people who speak it where more than 75 million people speak the Turkish language as their first language which makes it one of the globe's 15 most spoken first languages.

And thanks to the online learning that became popular after the corona pandemic, lots of online Turkish courses are now available to help you learn and understand the Turkish language. Thousands of language learners around the world can now access these Turkish courses and classes easily from the comfort of their homes.

The key to learning Turkish is to understand how this language is formed. I've got bad and good news about the Turkish language.

The bad news is:

1- Turkish uses "Vowel Harmony", a feature unknown to English speakers.

2- English uses separate words, Turkish often adds an ending to an existing word.

3- The word order appears odd.

The good news is:

1- Nouns do not have different genders.

2- Turkish grammar is very regular, learn a rule, and there are usually no exceptions.

3- Know a little vocabulary & few rules, then guessing the meaning of new words is a piece of cake.
As a new learner learning Turkish, understanding how the Turkish language is formed is VERY important. That's why learning Turkish Grammar is VERY important, after learning the Turkish grammar you will start understanding Turkish more and know the details of each word (because believe me there are a lot of long words in Turkish).

Turkish is an agglutinative language

You must have heard that Turkish is an Agglutinative language, what does that mean? Think of agglutination as sticking bits of words next to each other. Where English uses a number of words, Turkish often uses only one. 
For example, the sentence: "You will be able to come" is said as "gelebileceksin" in Turkish. And this Turkish words is divided as:
gel: come
-ebil: be able to
-ecek: will
-sin: you
This is one example of how Turkish is formed that is why learning Turkish grammar is very important.
So, if you are looking for a course that covers Turkish grammar you can start with this online course which gives you a very detailed explanation of grammar. Whether you have a very slight idea about the Turkish language or you are a total beginner, this course guides you step-by-step towards understanding the Turkish language.
So IF YOU...

1- Want to learn Turkish BUT you are lost by the way the words/sentences are formed...

2- Heard that Turkish is an agglutinative language and that it depends a lot on suffixes...And you were like WHAT!
3- Don't know where to start with all the content found on the internet...

Then this is the right course for YOU!

Get more information about the A1 Online Turkish Course

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