My Story ~ Turkish And More

My Story

Learning a new language can happen by following a number of steps. I would like to share my experience in learning Turkish hoping it will help anyone learning any language.

Feb. 2018 was the date I moved to Turkey and after now almost four years, I can understand and speak Turkish very well. I have created a youtube channel where I teach Turkish for English speakers.

My advice for learning Turkish is, first of all, you should have the desire and passion to learn the language. I started with youtube lessons before coming to Turkey. When I came, I knew a couple of words but couldn’t speak a long conversation.

Whenever I wanted to go buy something, I used to translate the sentence using google translate (now I know it doesn’t give the translation 100% right) but way back then it worked for me. I used to translate the sentence, memorize it and then say it to the Turkish seller.

I used to translate any word I see on the road, I was curious to know its meaning, it doesn’t mean I memorized them but if you do that on and on you will memorize some words.

I bought stories, that are written in both English and Turkish. I read the Turkish page and if I don’t understand I checked the English page, also I needed to use google translate.

I met a Turkish lady, and we made a deal. I would teach her my language and she would help me in Turkish conversation.

I took free Turkish lessons in the institutions that were made the municipalities and used to go consistently, even if it was snowing!! My teacher was very helpful, I used to sit with her during the break and she would correct my Turkish journal (it was her idea).

I watched Turkish movies, and finally, I registered in a Turkish university to take the Tümer certificate.

In short, read stories while you are on the bus, waiting for an appointment, and watch movies, youtube videos, and take notes. It is an ongoing process, the more you push yourself the more you will learn. The most important thing is to enjoy it while you’re learning. Hope that was helpful!!

If you would like to check my YT Channel, where I also show useful apps, websites, etc… that help Turkish learners…… this is it: Learn Turkish with Jihan

To go to my channel CLICK HERE.

Below are some of the videos I have created on my youtube channel. More to come hopefully.