The Interesting Story of "As If I've Eaten" Mosque In Turkey ~ Turkish And More

The Interesting Story of "As If I've Eaten" Mosque In Turkey

The Interesting Story of "As If I've Eaten" Mosque In Turkey


Have you ever heard the story of the "As if I've eaten mosque", or what is known in Turkish as the "Sanki Yedim Cami"?

If not, continue reading...

"Sanki Yedim Cami" Story

In the Ottoman period, a middle-class tradesman saw the selatin mosques built by the sultans and envied him and wanted to build a mosque himself. The intention to build a mosque became so strong in his heart that it became a passion. But neither his state nor his financial situation was suitable for a mosque to be built.

As always, the people around him mobilized to turn his way and to despair. Even though they said, "Come on, give up this love, don't try to do impossible things..." he did not turn from his path. He was determined, and he decided to save money by restraining the desires of his soul.

As If I've Eaten mosque

Whenever he desired something,  He would say “As if I ate!” and put his money aside. In this way, within  20 years of saving money, he was able to build a small mosque which was called Sanki Yedim (As if I ate), and he had his dream mosque built in the Zeyrek district in Fatih, on the place shown to him.

This beautiful person not only built the mosque of his dreams but also left a beautiful example to people. He showed how a person can achieve his aim through determination and he was a striking example of what being frugal can bring to a person.

The Sanki Yedim Mosque is a historical place of worship from the Ottoman period located in the Fatih district of Istanbul and It is estimated that the mosque, located in Zeyrek district, Kırbacı Street, was built in the 17th century.

The Sanki Yedim Mosque was destroyed in the fire of Fatih before the First World War and was rebuilt in a different way from the original in 1959-1960.

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