21 Basic Turkish Words Every Learner should know !! ~ Turkish And More

21 Basic Turkish Words Every Learner should know !!

21 Basic Turkish Words Every Learner should know !!


21 Basic Turkish Words Everyone should know

1- Merhaba / Selam

Merhaba is the formal way of saying hello, the informal way is selam.

2- Nasılsınız?

Nasılsınız is the formal way of asking how are you, so when you are talking to an important person like your boss then use the word nasılsınız. It is also used when speaking to a group of people. 
The informal way of asking someone how he's doing is nasılsın, use it with your family and close friends.

3- İyiyim

İyi means good when you want to say "I am fine" add the suffix of the pronoun I which is in this case "im". Check this video that explains the vowel harmony rule to know how to use the Turkish suffixes.

4- Tanıştığımıza Memnun Oldum

This sentence means "Nice to meet you". The word Tanışmak is in infinite form and it means meet.

5- Teşekkürler

Teşekkürler is one way of saying thank you, there are a number of words that you can use to express your thanks. These words are:

- Teşekkür ederim
- Sağol / Sağolasın
- Eyvallah (informal)

The following are the answers that you can say to reply to the person who thanked you.

- Rica ederim
- Ne demek
- Bir şey değil
- Sorun değil
- Problem değil
- Önemli değil
- Mühim değil
- Her zaman
- Lafı mı olur!

6- Affedersiniz

Affedersiniz means excuse me, you can use it if you bump into someone while walking on the street or if you break someone's heart unintentionally.

7- Özür Dilerim

You say it when you are sorry about something you've said or did.

The remaining 14 basic words that you need to know are:

8- İyi Günler
9- İyi akşamlar
10- İyi geceler
11- Güle Güle
12- Evet
13- Hayır
14- Kolay
15- Zor
16- Ucuz
17- Pahalı
18- Yakın
19- Uzak
20- Afiyet olsun
21- Kolay gelsin

To know what these words mean, watch the below video. Don't forget to repeat, repeat, repeat, and use these basic Turkish words in your daily life whenever you get the chance to.
A great way for memorizing them 🔥

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