Tips You Should Know Before Traveling to Turkey ~ Turkish And More

Tips You Should Know Before Traveling to Turkey

Tips You Should Know Before Traveling to Turkey

Tips You Should Know Before Traveling to Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s most visited countries with millions of visitors each year And like any country you travel to, you should know some basic things about Turkey before you arrive.

1- Traditional Turkish Toilets

Toilets are marked with WC or Tuvalet and the words Bay (Mr) or Bayan (Ms), Most of the toilets you’ll encounter in Turkey are of the standard Western raised-commode type you'll frequently encounter squat toilets on your travels. To squat on a flat toilet may seem scary to someone not used to these types of toilets, but it’s actually quite hygienic because only your feet touch the toilet. Although you’ll see more of these flat toilets in public toilets and in the less developed regions of the country, both styles are used by the local population. Even new buildings nowadays will have flat toilets installed along with the commodes. It is good to know that the majority of public toilets in Turkey charge a small fee so always carry change. Most mosques have toilets (some of them free), so you’ll never be caught short.

2- Knowing a few Turkish words will definitely help

Not many Turkish speak English, so knowing the most used Turkish phrases is really useful especially when being invited to a cup of tea or when meeting a neighbor.

3- Money and Spending

Travel with a mixture of cash, and ATM cards. Most would accept both lira and US dollars and if you want to change your money's currency you will get the best rate from banks and you can always visit the döviz for currency exchange. There are many ATMs throughout Turkey but check with your own bank beforehand about overseas withdrawal fees. Always carry cash on you, in case you can’t find a machine that accepts your card.

4- Weather in Turkey

The weather depends on which part of Turkey you are visiting. Turkey is a huge country across two continents with diverse topography. Turkey’s weather ranges from a desert-dry climate to sizzling hot summers to cold snowy winters. Northeastern is generally colder, the center is desert hot/cold, and the Mediterranean area including Istanbul has hot summers and mild winters. 

5- Best Time to Visit Turkey

Summer can be extremely hot, but still, a lot of fun to go as long as you prepare adequately for the heat. Just make sure to prepare for summer with the right tools. But there will be certain places, that feel unbearable between 12 PM and 5 PM in peak summertime such as Ephesus and Cappadocia.

Which one of these 5 tips didn't you know before?

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