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13 Most Used Turkish Phrases

13 Most Used Turkish Phrases


13 Most Used Turkish Phrases

Learn the most used expressions used by Turks, as in any language Turkish also has its own expressions. You should memorize these expressions as they are without any change, and no need to translate them because when doing so you will get a totally different meaning. So, prepare your notebook, and let’s start.

Most Used Turkish Phrases and Expressions

1st expression: Allah bilir
This expression or phrase is used when someone asks you something and you don’t know the answer, you tell him “Allah bilir” which means God Knows.

2nd expression: Allah bize yeter
Means "Allah is sufficient for us!" And if we want to say the exact meaning in Arabic, it will be حسبنا الله.

3rd expression: Allah Yardımcınız olsun
When someones says this phrase, he is telling the person he is speaking to “May God help you”.

4th expression: Allah'ın izniyle
This is a very common expression and you will hear that a lot. This expression means if God is willing, It has the same meaning as InshaAllah. So if a friend tells you let’s meet tomorrow, you can say Allah'ın izniyle. In other words, if God is willing... if God wants us to meet.

5th expression: Allah Allah
You hear that in the movies and even around you if you are living in Turkey. "Allah Allah" is used when something strange or unexpected happens. We also use it to show when we are surprised by certain events. 

6th expression: Sen kimsin ya? 
Who are you? Also gives the meaning of “Who do you think you are!!”. For example, when someone interferes in something and you don’t like that, you can say this sentence to him and make it clear that he shouldn’t have interfered in this issue.

7th expression: Sana ne?
You were talking with a friend and a person came and gave his opinion, and you didn’t like that. So, you tell him “Sana ne?” It does not concern you, this is None of your business!

8th expression: Hiç umrumda değil 
This expression simply means I don’t care. When something is telling you about what happened and you are not interested, your reply will be “hiç umrumda değil”, I don’t care.

9th expression: Bana ne?
Also gives the meaning of I don’t care, when someone is telling you something and you’re like why are you telling me, I don’t care you tell me "bana ne".

10th expression: Yazıklar olsun
This is used after various disappointments, also used when expressing sadness expended with pain...

11th expression: Son derece kızgınım
I am very mad and upset. Mad to the maximum!

12th expression: Allah sana hidayet versin
Which means, may Allah guide you to the right path. When your friend is doing bad things, you can say this expression.

13th expression: Allah Bereket versin
After buying something and paying the money, the person you paid will tell you “Allah Bereket versin” he is like hoping or asking God for the blessing of that item you bought. 

After explaining the meaning of these phrases, now it is your turn to memorize at least half of these expressions by repeating them on and on and of course use them whenever you get the chance to, because then you will never forget them.

You can also listen to the explanation of these expressions in this video:

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